An indispensable veteran from Karlsruhe and from the Karlsruhe Scene.
His DJ career began in 1974 at the beginning of the disco era which had a major impact on his music style.

Disco is a style of pop music that became an independent music genre around 1975. Lyrics, melody and often also the singing take a back seat in disco music; danceability, groove, a beat of about 100 to 120 beats per minute (bpm), and the mix are in the foreground. The heyday of disco music was between 1976 and 1979, shaping the fashion, zeitgeist and lifestyle of those years. The disco styles created since about 1980 can be counted as electronic dance music. RIKKELE significantly influenced the nightlife in and around Karlsruhe. His love of house music began in 1985 and it has firmly established itself in him. Today, his style is a groovy funky disco house that he likes to mix with Latin tech house, US underground, vocal tracks and similar styles during his sets. Main thing: groovy!!!!
Another passion of RIKKELE’s is to create fine DEEP HOUSE. Here you can recognize a sound à la Addex & Co which fits perfectly with summer on the beach or on the rooftop for Blue Hour.

RIKKELE can be booked for your private or business event, in bars, smaller clubs, after hours, weddings, and events that are musically meant to bear a groovy, danceable signature. 

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